Lights| Camera| Action

Lights| Camera| Action is a phrase that many have heard before, and when we hear it, we expect something to happen. This 40-day devotional is intended to encourage you to take a cliché phrase and turn it on its head. If taken apart, each element is essential for your personal and spiritual growth, so I challenge you to adopt this phrase as a mantra moving forward. I pray that you take on each element for what it is and what it can do, allowing it to expose areas of your faith that need to grow, evolve deeper in areas that you’ve already been challenged, and execute those next steps towards living our God’s design for this next season.


A tool essential to illuminating a dim/dark space and exposing what’s hidden in the shadows. Light also provides aid when following directions, helps to reveal potential hazards on a journey, and expands sight beyond the darkness. With that in mind, let the Light of the world reveal and brighten those dark places.


A tool important for capturing an image, still or animated. Its purpose is to produce a replica of the image that it captures. The camera must endure a process of development for the reproduction of the image to be completed. Use the Word of God to develop you into the image of God.


A behavior, pivotal in the process of completing something with purpose, seeking to achieve an expected and/or desired outcome. This process requires intentionality, changes in behavior, and the follow through in areas of challenge. Allow the Holy Spirit to prompt you to move differently than you have before.

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